Terms of Service

You agree to all the terms and conditions, rules, policies and agreements of your use of app.al services set out below, and these terms can change at anytime without notice.

  1. Content

    All content that you the user can post, share and publish on a app.al domain is owned and/or has been licensed and that you have the rights to the content royalty free.

    If you will use stock imagery or content, please ensure you have licensed the content from a genuine provider. You may also use the free build in stock content provider such as https://unsplash.com.

  2. All App Names

    All names are first come first serve, unless they are considered premium, less than 4 characters in length or have been claimed by their rightful owners based on copyright and trademark claims.

    Premium names are considered to be 4 characters or less. Some names that are more than 4 characters are also considered premium. Additional charges and usage will apply and a request must be sent by the user wishing to request the name for their app. Send a premium request

    Any name that is considered to be reference to 18+ content must be requested under the adult.app.al domain. All names registered under the free or pro plans that are considered 18+ will be disabled upon report. Please report any app name that is misusing this service by contacting us.

    App names cannot be sold or traded without approval, such activity is prohibited. If you have an app name which you will need to transfer the ownership to another account, you will need to pay a transfer fee and provide all the inforamtion regarding the transfer by contacting support. Transfer fees will vary based on history of app name and services active.

  3. Free App Names

    Free app names will be hosted under the free.app.al domain. These names do not have pro features available only on the pro plan. Users can upgrade a free name to a pro name at anytime. Free names are available for 1 year and a renewal fee will apply at the end of the year in order to keep the name active. Free names cannot be used as parked domain pages. Ads are not allowed on these name pages and any page failing to comply with this will be disabled and removed.

  4. Pro App Names

    Pro app names will be hosted under the main app.al domain. These names do have pro features available. Pro names can also be forwarded to another domain name based on the user request, however an active payment must be available on the account. If a user fails to make a payment, the forward feature will be disabled. Pro names will also automatically register a free name and will be redirected to a pro name when accessed. Pro names can be used as parked domain pages.

  5. Privacy

    You content to the use of personal information, including the transfer of this information to multiple countries for storage, processing and use by app.al. If you do use any plugins on the app.al platform, these plugins may use your information for informational purposes of the plugins. Billing information will be used for processing fees encountered by the app name usage and/or premium usage. Payment processing will go through the service provided by Stripe and/or Paypal, more information about their usage and policy can be found on their website. We may also accept BitCoins as a payment method in the future, to enable this on your account please get in contact with support. App name usage will be used to provide the service on app.al, please ensure you have the rights to use the name for purpose of this service as to providing a page for your app details and features. You agree to not make public any private infromation on your app name pages.

  6. Termination of Service

    If you wish to remove a app name from your account, you are also agreeing to delete all information about that app name under your account and usage. Keep in mind any fees pending will still need to be paid and no refunds will be given. You may make your account inactive, but removing the account will require a manual check from support, you can submit your request with all the relevent information via the support page. All inactive accounts will be disabled and not available to use, if you wish to reactivate your account, you may do so by submitting a request to support.

    If you fail to comply to any of the terms and future terms of app.al, your app name and/or account will be disabled and may be removed. If your account fails to pay for a servcie on the account, the service and/or account can be disabled. If you use the service to impersonate, deflamate, encourage unlawful behaviour such as hate, terror, child pornography, violate the privacy of third party, troll, distribute private information, transmit of unsolicited email, violate copyright and/or trademark infringement, use of service for illegal activity, use the service to distribute malware, usage of service prohibited by the laws of the country and/or territories in which you conduct business your account will be terminiated and no refunds will be provided.

  7. Have a question?

    If you believe we have not provided enough information on this page or something needs to be fixed, please get in contact via support.